Stop your diet, and celebrate International No Diet Day this weekend at Royal Panda with a million calories of fabulous food!
Win a huge load of food and feast on your favorite snacks by scoring the highest combo on one of three mouth-watering video slots at Royal Panda Casino

When: Between 6-8 May 2016

How to win one million calories worth of food:

Open the fridge door to a world of delicious delights, and:

  • Play So Much Candy, So Much Sushi or Big Chef between 6-8 May 2016
  • Score the highest combo across these three games using your cash balance
  • The player with the highest winning multiplier wins one million calories!
Play at Royal Panda

Play tasty video slots, and get even more rewards:
Win, and enjoy one mega food pack with over 800 items and one million calories, including:

200 bags of potato chips with 30 delicious dips, and 50 packs of biscuits
50 luxury dark chocolate bars, 50 bags of toffees, and 20 boxes of assorted chocolates
60 delicious desserts, including chocolate and steamed sponge puddings
180 savory snacks, including meaty pies, hot dogs and meatballs

And much more: see below:

200 x bags of potato chips
50 x bars of chocolate
50 x bags of toffees
50 x bags of salted peanuts
50 x bags of popcorn
50 x packets of biscuits
30 x chocolate puddings
30 x steamed puddings
30 x bags of marshmallows
30 x packets of pork scratchings
30 x cans of baked beans and sausages
30 x tins of meat stew
30 x tinned pies
30 x dips
20 x hotdogs
20 x tins of corned beef
20 x tins of canned ham
20 x tins of meatballs
20 x packets of gravy granules
20 x boxes of chocolates
20 x boxes of butter cookies
20 x rice puddings
20 x jars of chocolate spread
20 x jars of peanut butter
10 x jars of boiled sweets
10 x jars of jelly beans

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