The Famous casino MrGreen has exclusively released a NetEnt slot: Fruit Spin. The casino is celebrating this release by giving away 50.000 free spins and €25.000 in cash prizes.
Fruit Spin has been exclusively released by Mr Green Casino and will be available for 6 months after these months the game will be released to other online casinos. Tilll the 26th of June 2017, there are 50.000 free spins and €25.000 in cash prizes up for grabs. Here’s how you can win at MrGreen:

50.000 Fruit Spin Free Spins
There’s 50.000 free spins to be won via Mr Green Casino’s Reel Thrill function with the rewards doubled! Each day, there are Reel Thrills every 15 minutes with 380 free spins to be won in each thrill, all you need to do is play the slot Fruit Spin. Your biggest percentage win over 20 spins determines how many points you get and where you place on the leaderboard:

• 1st Place: 200 Fruit Spin Free Spins
• 2nd Place: 100 Fruit Spin Free Spins
• 3rd Place: 50 Fruit Spin Free Spins
• 4th Place: 20 Fruit Spin Free Spins
• 5th Place: 10 Fruit Spin Free Spins

€25,000 in Cash Seeds
There’s a total of €25,000 in cash to be won! Every day, Mr Green Casino will plant Cash seeds into player accounts that have spun the most fruitful spin on ‘Fruit Spin’ – that’s a total of 250 Cash Seeds worth €25,000!They are looking for your biggest percentage win on the new slot. The good news is that all prizes are free from any wagering requirements.

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