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The people who take the biggest risk in life are often the greatest winners. It’s almost safe to say that risk is directly proportional to reward. But then again, no one wants to put their neck out without some level of assurance. This goes for betting in a casino as well, regardless of whether it’s a brick and mortar casino or an online casino. The truth of the matter is; no one wants to place their bets on a gaming site that cannot guarantee that they’ll get their earnings when they are fortunate enough to win.

With so many fraudulent online casinos popping up on the internet daily, it is almost expected that a lot of individuals would want to have a second (if not more) thoughts about whom they want to invest their money with. Regardless of whether the online casino is new to the industry or a veteran like Bwin, it’s normal for users to skeptical about whom to invest their money. This goes without saying that Bwin is very popular among sports betting aficionados. As it is one of the oldest online casinos in the world today – formerly known as Betandwin (founded in the late 1990s).

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A Brief Bwin History

Bwin has come a long way from being a small Austrian start-up company with the entirety of its labor force totaling to 12 employees. One year after its debut, it launched its first gaming website. This gaming website was centered on the sports betting field alone. However, as nights gave way for days, the company continued to make new additions to its sports betting platform. The result of their continuous strive to create a mark on the world’s stage brought about their branching out to provide an online casino for their customers in the early 2000s (2001). But it didn’t stop there, 2 years after the debut of the online casino, Bwin launched a soft game platform of its own that is entitled “Balls of fire.”

The following year, Bwin debuted yet another game-changing platform (poker room for many players) and 3 years after that, it was streaming top sports events on its platform. From the first time Bwin came into the spotlight, it has continued on a steady growth that can only be achieved through years and years of dedication to customer’s service. This kind of dedication and result is so unlike the numerous fraudulent or scam sports betting websites that are out there.

User’s experience on the site

One major setback that is far too common among sites that began their journey as a sportsbook and later branching out to offer an online casino is their inability to create a perfect balance. In most cases, they usually end up compromising the smooth running of one to favor the other, and at the day’s end, they fail to satisfy their users with both. But the surprising thing about this sportsbook turn casino site is the fact that it has devised a way to balance the two without compromising either one.

In spite of the fact that Bwin offers more than a handful of game with its online casino, for instance, live casino games, video poker, jackpot games, classical table games and so on, there is also an inclusion of a poker room that allows aficionados of the game to have their fun as well. What’s more, it also offers a wide assortment of markets and sports through its world-class sportsbook.


But then again, there are other things about the Bwin platform that makes it very compelling for users and the lot of us that have visited their site. Their savviness in making their site extremely responsive and seamless is genius. Which makes the whole experience of being on their platform enjoyable. Not only is the sign-up procedure stress-free, but Bwin also gives bonuses and promotions that are almost too good to be true. On top of that, all the processes involved in putting money in a user’s account on the Bwin site are safe and secure.

As a matter of fact, finding your way from page to page on the Bwin site is like walking through a well-signposted street with directional signs every few paces. In order words, you can’t miss your way on the Bwin site. In the event that you do, the service agents on Bwin will take you by the hand and point you in the right direction. This smooth and hitch-free user experience gives a picture of the wealth of work Bwin has put into making their site the perfect sports betting field for their customers. Evidently, no scam site will put this much effort into satisfying customers and be consistent with their efforts. It is needless to say that their determination to satisfy customers is proof that Bwin is genuine.

Scam or Genuine

In spite of the fact that being an experienced and well-renowned site is not enough proof of Bwin’s legitimacy, it does show that it is socially acceptable. Notwithstanding, Bwin’s long list of licenses and certifications are from some of the strictest licensing and certification bodies in the world, and this proves its legitimacy.

As of now, Bwin boasts of a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission as well as the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. When it comes to gambling and licensing, these two are no joke, as a matter of fact, they are often referred to as the strictest licensing regulators on the surface of the earth. Which implies that only the best and the most genuine gambling companies get validated by them. Since Bwin now holds one of their licenses, it is safe to say that Bwin is legit. What’s more, Bwin is also certified by most of the top players in the gambling and sports betting industry. For instance, it is certified by;

  1. Essa
  2. iTech Labs
  3. The European Gaming & Betting Association
  4. eCOGRA

it is also backed by some of the most responsible gambling sites and providers in the world like

  1. Gamcare
  2. NetEnt
  3. NextGen
  4. Paypal

It is almost impossible for a company to have all of these hard-earned licenses, certificates, recognition, and affiliations and still be a scam. Since some of the top entities that are well experienced in scrutinizing gambling sites have found Bwin worthy enough to hold one of their licenses, then we needn’t hold any debate over its legitimacy.

However, before we reach any conclusion over whether Bwin is legit or not, let’s take a look at some of the available options offered by Bwin.

What Bwin offers

  • Poker

By including poker room as an option on its site, Bwin has been able to pull in poker lovers from diverse corners of the world.  The options available here are numerous, and there are a lot of mouth-watering promotions to make it all the more compelling for users.

  • Sports Betting

Whether you are looking to bet on your favorite football teams or favorite basketball seeds, you can do it all on the Bwin site. This site offers more than 90 sports with a ton of betting selections to help you make the most use of your investment. Indeed, Bwin sits on top of a pedestal with regards to available markets on a sports-betting website.

Yet, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Bwin also gives its aficionados the opportunity to win money betting for or against political events and entertainments. On the other hand, you shouldn’t hope for a giveaway here, because Bwin does not offer exorbitant odds for politics and entertainment bets.

  • Online casino

This is by far the most amazing option offered by Bwin, and it gives the players the opportunity of choosing between over 300 games. Out of this 300 casino games offered by Bwin, 243 of them are slot games, and they are offered by diverse providers. Some of these providers include the Elk studios, NYX gaming, and NetEnt among others.

You have a wide range of options to choose from, and whichever one you choose to put your money on, you can rest easy knowing that you are investing your money with a trustworthy site. Also, you can try your luck playing the other 65 options (jackpot games) of the online casino games. What’s more, the online casino also offers roulette games that come in about seven different selections – that is if we are counting the roulette game that is customary to Bwin itself. Another option you’ll find on this platform is the live casino.

Secured payment and withdrawal

This is probably the most legitimate concern of potential users of the Bwin platform. However, you needn’t worry about that. The deposit and withdraw processes on the Bwin site are seamless and secure. Plus, the site offers a bonus on deposits. Although you’d have to earn 4 times the amount credited to your account as a bonus before you can cash out your bonus.


Without a doubt, Bwin offers one of the smoothest and stress-free gaming platforms for casino game lovers, just as, sportsbook aficionados that want to earn money betting on games/sports. Also, Bwin service agents work round the clock to ensure that you have an amazing experience.


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